Make Money with the
Valentus Compensation Plan


Valentus offers one of the most
generous compensation plans in the direct sales industry!

Fast Start Bonuses

The first, and quickest way to get paid is with the Fast Start Bonus. When you sign up with the $20 membership, you are eligible immediately for this commission. When someone orders product from your website for the first order, you will earn $20 for a 1 box order, $40 for a 3 box order, $60 for a 6 box order or $100 for a 16 box Business Builder Pack.

Legacy Coded Bonus

A $100 bonus is paid on any new personally enrolled Business Builders who have purchased, or has upgraded to a Business Builder Pack within the same month. Your first THREE BB IR’s will form your Foundation Team and the $100 Legacy Bonus will be paid to the sponsor who enrolled you. Beginning with your FOURTH enrolled BB IR and every one after that, YOU will receive the $100 Legacy Bonus. Which means, you will NOW earn $100 Fast Start bonus PLUS the $100 Legacy Bonus! (=$200) You will also now earn the $100 Legacy Bonus on the first 3 BB IR’s who are sponsored by your entire legacy team, to infinity!

Dual Team Cycle Commission

$20 per cycle paid weekly

The Fast Start Bonus and Legacy Coded Bonuses are paid out first before any BV is calculated for the Dual Team Cycle Commission. The chart below shows the amount of BV that will go into the dual team commission for first orders and additional orders. When you have accumulated 200 BV on one leg and 100 BV on the other leg, you will be paid $20 for 1 cycle. Get your calculator out, these numbers will keep growing!*Results may vary

Dual Team Matching Bonus
Paid Weekly

This bonus is earned on the dual team cycle commissions of all of your personally enrolled IR’s. Below is a chart of what percentage of commission you will earn on the check match based on your current rank.

If you purchase the $499 Business Builder pack and maintain an order of 100 BV per month for 6 months,
OR if you maintain 150 BV for 3 months, you will achieve the rank of Emerald.

Enrollment Pool Bonus
Paid Monthly

When you personally enroll 3 Business Builder Ruby IR’s in a calendar month, you are eligible to earn 1% of the total company sales for the same month. You must have an order of 100BV in that month to qualify for this bonus. The share value will be divided up by the number of other IR reps who have also enrolled 3 business builders in one calendar month. Please note that a $499 business builder enrollment only counts toward your Pool Bonus IF it is their First Order only or if they upgrade within the same month.

Car Bonus Paid Monthly

The car bonus is earned starting at the rank of Diamond and increases as you climb to higher ranking. This bonus is paid to the qualified IR once they have maintained this Diamond status for two consecutive months.

Monthly Loyalty Purchase

BV Requirements

To earn the Fast Start bonus on 1, 3, and 6 box orders, a minimum purchase of 50 BV (1 box) each calendar month is required.>

For ALL other compensation bonuses, a minimum of 100 BV (3 box order) is required in each calendar month.>

Membership Options