Get your Valentus Business Going!

1. Be a Product of the Product

One of the most exciting parts about joining Valentus is going to be your success with the product and being able to share your story with others. The first step is to print out this Program Guidelines & Measurement Chart to start tracking your progress.

Also, take a before picture on your first day. You will want this later, trust me.

2. Set up your Loyalty Purchase

Go to your back office at Enter your Username (no spaces) and Password.

Select Loyalty Purchase from the left menu and select the package and the date that you would like to have shipped to you every month.

IMPORTANT: You can change the products and your ship date anytime. If you would like to change the number of boxes in your shipment, you must CANCEL the first loyalty purchase and create a new one.

3. Set your Rotator

  • Sign into your back office, select ROTATOR from the menu.
  • Check with your sponsor to find out if your ROTATOR should be set to the LEFT or RIGHT side, then proceed to SAVE on that side.

4. Start your Training

  • Visit our Training/Resource site: and follow the training modules “YOUR NEXT STEPS” within the next 24-48 hours. It will take approximately 2-3 hours to run through.
  • Print up the “Roadmap to Diamond” and listen to the accompanying audio; complete pages 3, 6, 12 and text or email a copy to your sponsor; then contact your sponsor to schedule an appointment to discuss what you’d like to achieve with Valentus.
  • Listen to the Training Audios – especially the “Prospecting” audio. (Also see drop down menu for more valuable training)
  • Listen to the National Training calls by top leaders Sat. and Mon. mornings 9:30 am PST;
    Dial 1-530-881-1212 PIN 745-112-327#
  • All calls are recorded and posted within 12 hours to

5. Connect on Facebook

  • ‘FaceBook friend’ your sponsor so you can be added to our private FaceBook groups and be able to access valuable training tips, stellar leadership and support.
  • Our private fb pages are: PREVAIL NATION; and DREAMMASTERS.
    Another valuable training facebook page is: TEAM COFFEE GETS RESULTS offering training on Weds nights at 6:30pm PST and Sun mornings 8:30am PST. The recordings are always posted on that site to listen to later.
    Also see Valentus Corp FACEBOOK page for company/product updates

6. Share your Websites

  • From the “Account Information” menu bar on the left side of your ‘Back Office’
  • Click “My Website Address” (you have 7 websites associated with your UserName)
  • Check out all 7 personal websites; then copy your favourites into your cell phone for future text messages; or draft an email ready to share with your prospects.
  • Two popular websites are (basic website without ‘Tour’); and (invites prospect to “Take a Free Tour”)
  • Invite your prospects to your personal website by phone, email or text, messenger etc.
  • Ask them to “pop their name and email address in the landing page for a ‘peek’ at the inner workings of this amazing company”. They will be able to look at the product ingredients, testimonies, etc.
  • Text your sponsor/leader(s) that you will be following up with your ‘pre-enrollee’. Call your prospect; ask what they liked best? Let them know you’d like to introduce them to your business partner so they can have all their questions answered. Then use the ‘3-way call’ to link in your sponsor and demonstrate support.
  • Invite prospects to listen to the National Conference Calls: Tues & Thurs 6PM PST
    Dial 1-530-881-1212 PIN 745-112-327#
    All calls are recorded and posted within 12 hours to

7. Order Marketing Materials

  • Go to and look under Merchandise/Tools for several different ideas for sample cards, banners and business cards.
  • Personalized labels or stamps can be ordered from Or you can prepare and print your own ‘Avery’ labels from your home computer.

8. Set up your Banking

  • Go to your back office at and log In with your Username and Password.
  • Click PAYMENT OPTIONS from your back office.
  • Select Option 2 – Paylution and click SAVE.
  • Check for an email from Paylution and follow the instructions to set up your banking information for your commissions to be sent to.
  • Please note that Valentus pays every Friday. Your commissions will be placed into your Paylution account. They will send you a notification email and you must then transfer the funds into the account of your choice.